A Look Into The Dolce And Gabbana Hong Kong Show

Just days ago, Dolce and Gabbana announced to their social media followers that they have just landed in Hong Kong. The captions read, “Stay tuned, something special is going to happen” and “…heading to something special in Hong Kong..”. Yet, I don’t think many of us got the clue.

Breathtaking aerial view of models entering the Alta Moda Alta Sartoria runway.

The #DGLOVESHONGKONG tag kept us all enticed and eager to know more. What was the big surprise? Finally, on December 1st we got our answer when the venue of the Hong Kong Alta Moda Alta Sartoria Show was unveiled to the world.

A Romantic Afternoon of Great Taste

The Peninsula Hotel was transformed this week for the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Alta Moda Show.

The luxury Italian fashion house had never done a show in Hong Kong before. Much less, it appears Dolce and Gabbana have never done a show outside of Italy before. Which leads us to the question: what should we expect? The term “Alta Moda Alta Sartoria” is Italian and translate loosely to “High Fashion Haute Couture”. That being said, Dolce & Gabbana had better bring their “A” game. Expectations are high. Not to mention, they’ve had problems in Hong Kong before. In 2012, the brand faced criticism in Hong Kong when a photographer was barred from taking a sidewalk photograph of a store. This was only four yeas ago. Indeed, there was much at risk. This fashion show was Dolce and Gabbana’s best chance to strengthen its reputation in Asia.

Italian masterpieces and stunning flower window frames brought a piece of Italy to Hong Kong.

Though, fear not. This fashion powerhouse never disappoints. The Hong Kong Alta Moda Alta Sartoria Show was a hit. Honestly, it may have been Dolce & Gabbana’s best show of the year. Sadly, though, not everyone could have made it to the event’s guest list. The intimate show hosted but a mere two rows of guests. Luckily for us, these fashionistas took some amazing shots that night.

Lace, Gold, Florals and Jewels

Models pose backstage at the Alta Moda Show.

Considering the limited space, the guest list proved to be very diverse. From Italy to Japan, photographers and fashion magazine from all over the globe were in attendance. United Kingdom Photographer Luke Leitch received a golden ticket. Vogue Japan also snapped videos of the event,admiring the collection’s reference to 1920’s-1930’s China.

Celebration of Chinese and Italian Culture

All phones are out as reporters capture the sights and sounds of the show.

Certainly, the High Fashion Haute Couture show was much different from the previous Dolce and Gabbana shows this year. Whereas the Fall/Winter Fabulous Fantasy was characterized by dreamy fringe dresses and geometric patterns, the Alta Moda Alta Sartoria is powerful. Deep hues, to-die-for lace, and intricate details stole the show. As the show title suggests, this collection is the newest addition to the world’s most grandiose fashion pieces. The clothing seen in Alta Moda are among the most expensive in the world and start at about $40,000.

In this beautiful shot by the Morelli Borthers, a model poses in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda.

In the end, the event proved to a be a celebration of the meeting of two cultures. The Hong Kong Alta Moda Alta Sartoria Fashion Show combined the glamor of Italian and Chinese haute couture to create and an overall masterpiece. Powerful and non-apologetic, the collection has elevated Dolce & Gabbana’s presence in Asia to a new level.

Interested in seeing other fashion shows from Dolce & Gabbana? Looks and footage from the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer fashion shows can be found here.


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